Best 7 Hikes In Magic Mountains – Las Vegas, NV

    There are many magical things to be seen in Vegas, and no I’m not talking about the neon lights, expansive billboards, and sidewalk street performers. Instead I’m talking about Seven Magic Mountains: bright pillars plopped in the middle of the barren, hot Nevada desert. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you and this isn’t a mirage. These seven neon colored pillars erected by swiss artist Ugo Rondinone are as real as the cactus and sand that surrounds them.

    Just a short 30-minute drive from the Las Vegas strip will take you to this colorful rock formation that resembles a stack of children’s toys. But these rocks are anything but child’s play.

    Although it may seem this project popped up overnight, these giants rocks have actually been in the works for 5 years.This art installation gives Vegas visitors some much need reprieve from the glitz and glam of the strip. Instead of donning sparkly dresses, visitors can change into their fitness garb to walk along the short, dusty trail to the seven painted rocks. Aside from the noise of cars whizzing down the I-15 in the distance, the seven magic mountains offer solace from the outside world. Visit on a weekend and you’ll be sure to encounter other curious explorers, however on weekdays, this is desert landmark is mostly deserted.

    seven magic mountains

    Each rock tower reaches about 30-35 feet in height and are constructed of locally-sourced limestone boulders. All together there are 33 boulders total. The placement of the rocks was pure experimentation, with Rondinone telling the Huffington Post that he began arranging them, “like you play around with Legos.” His “Legos” stacked up nicely, with quite a few different opportunities for visitors to climb atop some of the shorter rocks. Fair warning that these rocks aren’t your typical rocks, they are slippery and difficult to grasp. You may need to use your friends to help you climb atop some of them, but the pictures that can be captured are worth the effort.

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