Best 10 Rated Hiking Trails on Vancouver Island, BC

    5. Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet

    Just south of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, about 40 minutes from the town of Tofino, is the small community of Ucluelet and the Wild Pacific Trail. This trail offers a glimpse of the wild and rugged coast that dominates this area of Canada but provides easy access on a well-maintained trail. Most hiking trails in the nearby national park lead to beaches and present a different landscape than what you will see on the Wild Pacific Trail. The offshore islands, waves crashing on rocks, lighthouse, and twisted and windblown trees have their own unique beauty.

    The trail is divided into two sections. The Lighthouse Loop is a 2.6-kilometer trail and the most popular section with the most stunning scenery. The Brown’s Beach to Rocky Bluff portion is an eight-kilometer return-trip hike along the ocean and through rainforest and is also worth doing.

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