Best 10 Rated Hiking Trails on Vancouver Island, BC

    If you are visiting Vancouver and would like to do a quick tour to Vancouver Island and hit a few of the best trails on this list, consider a 2-Day Tofino Tour from Vancouver. This tour will arrange everything for you, from transportation to a hotel, and take you to Cathedral Grove, as well as the Wild Pacific Trail. You’ll also have a chance to visit Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and other interesting stops in the area.

    4. Schooner Cove Trail, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

    Pacific Rim National Park Reserve outside the town of Tofino is a highlight of Vancouver Island, and the hiking here is spectacular. Hikes are generally short but deliver big rewards when it comes to scenery. Huge beaches and some of the oldest trees in Canada are what you can expect to find in this area. For the best perspective on this, head to the Schooner Cove Trail at low tide. Enormous trees, some up to 800 years old, line the trail through the forest, which includes long stretches of raised boardwalk and takes you to a remote sand beach. The hike itself is only a kilometer each way, but you can count on spending more time wandering along the beach. At low tide, you can walk to islands, around headlands, or just head south down the beach. Schooner Cove lies at one end of the 16-kilometer Long Beach and is one of the best hikes in the Tofino area.

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