5 Camel’s Hump

    Camel's Hump

    At just over 4,000 feet, Camel’s Hump is Vermont’s third highest peak, and several trails reach its bare, rocky summit. Two of the best begin from the Monroe area of Camel’s Hump State Park, south of Route 2 in North Duxbury, which is west of Waterbury. You can either hike the Monroe Trail to the summit and back or you can make a somewhat longer loop route, following the Long Trail as it drops steeply south from the summit to an intersection at Wind Gap, and returning to the Monroe Trail by the Dean Trail. Whichever route you take, it’s a demanding climb, often steep, but on well-maintained trails.

    Views from the summit are the reward on a clear day, when you can see west to the Adirondacks, east to New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and north-south along the spine of the Green Mountains. The vegetation along the summit is a rare area of arctic-alpine tundra and very fragile, so be careful to walk only on the trail.

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