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3 Hamilton Falls

Hamilton Falls

To reach¬†one of Vermont’s highest waterfalls, a particularly attractive one in an unspoiled natural setting, follow the West River Trail from the campground at Jamaica State Park. This is a converted railroad bed along the West River, in which you’ll see a group of boulders known as The Dumplings. About 1.5 miles past The Dumplings, where the West River Trail crosses Cobb Brook, a trail to the right leads to Hamilton Falls. This was originally an old wagon road, and after about a mile, you’ll see a steep path descending on your left. This leads to the base of the 125-foot waterfall, the best viewpoint.

The old wagon road continues to a T, where a left will take you to the top of the falls. Under no circumstances should you attempt to swim at the top or climb along the edge of the falls. Not only is this a protected fragile environment, but it is exceedingly dangerous. Stay on the marked trails to safeguard both yourself and the environment, and save swimming for the pool at the bottom of the falls.

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