8 Rated Hiking Trails in New Hampshire

    8 Pawtuckaway Boulder Trail

    Pawtuckaway Boulder Trail

    The glaciers were busy during the last Ice Age and they left New Hampshire a plentiful supply of natural attractions. While most of these are in the northern part of the state, giant boulders called “glacial erratics” can be found throughout New Hampshire. But few places have such a fine collection of these as Pawtuckaway State Park, not far from the Massachusetts border between Concord and Portsmouth. Deep in the woods, granite boulders the size of small houses look as though they have been tossed here by a giant hand; in fact they were dropped here as the glaciers melted, having been scraped off mountaintops and cliffs exposed by the receding ice sheet. Boulder Trail is about a two-mile loop if you follow the side trail to see the Devils Den, a pair of caves at the base of a high stone outcrop. Elsewhere in the park are two low mountains you can climb, along with a lake and campground. Park maps are available online or at the park.

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