How to use Off-Camera Flash to Create Dramatic Images with Cross Lighting

    Learning to use off-camera flash allows you to create and shape light, giving you plenty of new opportunities for dramatic photography.

    But for many photographers, starting up with flash can be intimidating. It’s not just a matter of aiming a flash at your subject and hoping for the best. Choosing the wrong angle or positioning for your flash can have a negative effect, casting unflattering or irregular shadows.

    A tennis player lit by off-camera flash cross lightingA tennis player lit by off-camera flash cross lighting I remember when I was starting out with off-camera flash I would sometimes get images where the light simply didn’t look right. But when it’s used effectively, flash adds to an image – it shouldn’t make the lighting seem unnatural or otherworldly (unless, of course, that’s the effect you’re going for – to each their own!).

    But where’s a good place to start? Where should you put your flash in order to get good light? This article will show you one method you can use called cross lighting that you can use to create dramatic images with off-camera flash.

    What is cross lighting?

    For both beginners and pros alike, cross lighting is a very quick and simple setup that results in a dramatic, well-lit shot. Like the name implies, this setup features two light sources on opposite sides of the subject. Hitting your subject from both sides adds a sense of depth to the image, while still producing natural-looking light.

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