How to use Colored Gels to Create Unique and Creative Portraits

    We’ve all seen the usual studio set up –  beautifully crisp white light, maybe some strobes, diffusers, and other things of the sort. However, what can you do beyond that to make your portraits stand out? Add some color! In this article, learn how to use colored gels to add some spice to your images.

    Colored gels are filters that go on your light in order to change the output color. They are usually sold at photography stores and clamped onto your lights. T

    hey range in size, thickness, color cast, and most importantly, price. Be very mindful of how hot your lights are because we’ve had gels melt on the set before during long sessions (such as music videos).

    However, you can also make your own colored gels using cellophane and tape. Just take some really saturated cellophane from a local party or art store and wrap them around your softbox or LED light (so long as the LED runs cold and won’t melt the plastic paper) and fasten with tape. This may not look like the most professional setup, but I suppose that matters little so long as the final outcome is fantastic!

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