From Kodak To iPhonography – The Evolution Of Photography Through Social Media

    The first cameras:

    The Dagguerrotype

    Made by Louis Daguerre, the Dagguerrotype was the first, commercially successful photographic process invented somewhere between the years of 1839 to 1860. It’s a unique process that produces an image on a silvered copper place and was mainly used by people who could afford to have their portraits taken back then.

    Despite the many processes Daguerre used to develop imagery on highly polished silver-plated copper, each dagguerrotype piece was remarkably detailed.

    The Calotype

    In 1840 British scientist Henry Fox Talbot invented the ‘calotype’ (also known as the ‘talbotype’) to solve the issue of finite printing (adopted by the Dagguerrotype) and allows negatives to produce as many positive prints through a process known as contact printing. The developing process permitted much shorter exposure times in comparison to the Dagguerrotype – from one hour down to one minute, making it superior in this respect.

    The birth of Kodak

    Kodak was a pioneering brand for photography and was known for introducing film to replace the use of paper in 1889. Using the razor and blades strategy they sold box cameras for as little as a $1 and made large margins as a result of their consumables. They became extremely successful due to their fast rate of technological developing and high rate of globalisation.

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