Double exposure portraits: a simple tutorial for making surrealist images

    In this quick double exposure portrait tutorial we’ll show you how to combine images with easy Blend mode effects to create striking, dream-like pictures.Double exposure portraits: a simple tutorial for making surrealist imagesMultiple exposure effects are a great way to creatively combine two or more images.Traditionally, double exposure portraits were made by exposing the same frame of film more than once.

    Photoshop’s Screen Blend mode works in much the same way by multiplying the light values on one layer with those on the layers below.So the scene can only get brighter, never darker, and white areas stay white.Double exposure portraits: a simple tutorial for making surrealist images.. This makes a striking effect when you combine textures with strong shapes, like the model here, because the texture is confined by the background.

    We can also reposition each exposure for a pleasing composition.

    1. Tweak the raw

    Download our start files and follow along! Navigate to multi01.dng in Bridge then right click the file and choose Open in Camera Raw. Once open, adjust the tones. Set Exposure +0.80, Contrast +39, Highlights +32, Shadows +27, Blacks -6. Next go to the HSL panel.

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