Best Tips for Getting Started in Street Photographys

    This article will help you with those all important decisions for getting started in street photography. Including the best gear to use, settings to apply, and what to do about the tricky topic of photographing people in public.

    Any image of a street that can be used to tell a story about the location it shot could be defined as a street photograph. It could be a large city or a small village.

    Getting Started in Street Photography - artists in a street market


    As a street photographer, you want to be able to blend into your surroundings. By blending in, you stand a better chance of going unnoticed and capturing candid moments. This means you will want to keep your gear small and light.


    The big question these days is around the DSLR or mirrorless choice. My advice for street photography is the latter. There is nothing wrong with using a DSLR if that is what you prefer or have already. However, mirrorless cameras will simply save you space and weight. Your street photography adventures will be much more enjoyable if you’re not arriving home to find one arm longer than the other after carrying around a DSLR all day. Another benefit to mirrorless is that the electronic viewfinder (EVF) will provide you with an accurate representation of the exposure for your image before you even press the shutter. If you find yourself without your camera and get the urge for street photography, there’s nothing wrong with using the camera on your phone.

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