Best 6 Ways to Improve Your Street Photography

    Street photography is an exciting genre of photography that interests many people. Although it has many meanings, in its simplest form, it is candid photography of life and people. Street photography encapsulates everyday life, not just in roadways, as the name suggests but within our surroundings.

    It can be demanding to capture good pictures that tell the viewer about the daily moments we encounter. Here are six tips to help you improve your street photography.

    Street photography 01 - graffiti artist working

    1 Walk around

    Have you ever felt uncomfortable at the thought of photographing random people in public places?

    My first tip is to just walk around and get comfortable with your surroundings. Look for interesting things to photograph in the everyday life that encompasses you. Once you have taken some pictures, move on to another location and capture a few more images of another subject that pleases you.

    Street photography 02 - old lady in Peru in traditional attie

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