have been a hiking lover since I was a child. During the last 10 years of my life I have been searching for the next epic trekking route to complete from around the world. The fact that I was fortunate enough to live in New Zealand for 4 years gave me the opportunity to experience amazing walking trails like George Sound Track and the Hollyford – Pyke River Loop, some of my all time favourite routes.

    I also got the chance to explore other parts of the world like hiking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, walked to the top of the Mauna Kea Volcano in Hawaii and reached the Everest Base Camp in Tibet. They were all memorable routes. However, I am ever hungrier than before in my personal quest of finding the best trekking routes around the planet.

    Everyone has a bucket list and this is mine. The best hiking routes from around the world I wish I could complete some day. Enjoy!


    Torres del Paine Circuit Trek

    The Circuit Trek in the Torres del Paine National Park located in southern Chilean Patagonia is considered one of the best treks in the world. Aside from the impressive views of the pink granite spires of the Torres del Paine, the trail takes you past beautiful lakes, lush forests, roaring rivers and glaciers. There are also good chances of spotting wildlife such as condors, guanacos, foxes and nandus. The trek is 100km (62mi) and takes about 9 days, 8 nights to complete.

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