The Way of the Wolf: 7 Key Pieces of Expedition Camping Gear

    When you’re out on a month-long journey, you camp in a new spot every night. Though unfamiliar at first, once you’ve set up the tent and established your kitchen, it instantly becomes home.

    Here are a few tips on choosing reliable gear to establish your little piece of paradise with the ever-changing view:


    Frank Wolf

    I prefer a four-season tent for northern trips, particularly if you’re planning on going up to the Arctic barrengrounds where there’s little to shelter you from the bitter north wind that can kick in for days at a time. A narrow profile with lots of pole intersections and guy-line options will make your tent solid in the heaviest of winds.

    My favourite right now is the MSR Fury, which is light, easy to take down and setup, and has the luxury of four large inner gear pockets plus a gear loft to arrange yourself comfortably while the elements rage outside. I’ve put in over 70 days on this tent this year (both summer and winter) and it still looks brand new. (Editor’s Note: The Fury is not currently available from MSR—the Access 2 would be a good alternative.)

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