The Dutch Oven (DO) was often one of the very few cooking items that pioneers used, mostly because these rugged pots can withstand an open flame. As time has gone on the famous ovens that helped win the west have been neutered and homogenized, turned into little enamel-covered things that aren’t even fit for going on an extended survivalist vacation to your favorite bug out spot.

    We hate to see that happen, but thankfully there’s still a few manufacturers fighting the good fight and making Dutch ovens that are still as steadfast as America, and just as unyielding.

    When you’re buying a dutch oven for outdoor use, the thing to consider is what it is made of. If you’re a real traditionalist, you reach for the cast iron variety, because it can fight off weather, deal with just about any camping conditions, and work in your home as easily as out in the bush. These are the standard if you’re going outdoors, but you can also rustle up a few in aluminum or copper that will work for you. Or, rather than guess, you could just get one of our 6 best dutch ovens for camping and trust your cookout will be a success.

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