Sure, it’s still a bold move to sleep on a bedroll like a cowboy riding the range, and it certainly will earn you plenty of machismo points, but when you’re spending your camping trip hunched over with a slipped disc, you’ll see how bad that idea is.

    For more comfort during your outdoor excursions, you should invest in a good camping cot or camping bed for a more comfortable night’s sleep that is higher and drier than you can get with just a sleeping pad. Even air mattresses can’t compare to the comfort of a good old cot.

    Picking out a quality cot for camping is about finding one that is sturdy yet flexible enough to fold up, otherwise you might as well just tote your memory foam mattress around with you. Usually you want frames that are made of long-lasting materials, typically high-grade aluminum, steel, or titanium (if you don’t mind emptying out your savings). Get one with a durable cover that can be washed and will stand up to abuse and is long and wide enough for your body type. Or you could just trust our research and get one of the 7 best camping cots out there.

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