Camping is about roughing it. Living off the land. Testing yourself against the elements. Reconnecting with nature. That’s all well and good, but it is also about cooking up a bunch of meat and putting your feet up on a cooler overflowing with stouts, lagers, and ales.

    While we’ll leave the choice of summer beer up to you, we are going to make a few suggestions when it comes to choosing a way to grill up your meat. A slotted slab of metal over an open flame is fine, but for a great camping grill, more is required.

    Like your average grill at home, these come in wood, gas, charcoal, and even electric options. They are portable, stripped down versions of the larger grills that can work out in the forest. Roasting some hot dog in the fire is fine, because who cares if it gets seared or singed? Putting your steaks, artisanal butcher-grade burgers, and specialized veal bratwurst out over an open flame is blasphemy that will not stand. By selecting one of the 9 best camping grills, you will save your meat from a flame-kissed fate worse than death: char.

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