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    If you’re thinking of going camping at Lake Tahoe and have visions of pitching your tent at the water’s edge, the first thing you need to know is that isn’t going to happen. You can get close, though.

    All of the Lake Tahoe campgrounds in this guide are on the south and west sides of the lake. Some are in Nevada, some are in California State Parks, the US Forest Service runs others, and some are privately owned. To get a better sense of them and where they are, check this Google map. Unfortunately, no single system will let you check them all at the same time. For each campground, use the links below to check availability and reserve a spot.

    What You Need to Know About Camping at Lake Tahoe

    Many Lake Tahoe campgrounds are open only from mid-May to mid-September or mid-October. The season for each one is listed below.

    If you’re trying to make a camping reservation with only a few weeks — or days — to spare, you will probably find all the state-run campsites booked up. Instead, start with the privately owned campgrounds, then check the ones in the national forest.Black bears visit many of the Lake Tahoe campgrounds, looking for food. Find out how to keep your campsite safe from them.The campgrounds below are organized geographically, starting on the east shore in Nevada and going clockwise.

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