Best 15 Camping Hacks That Will Make You a Campsite Pro

    The snowline is receding. The nights are getting warmer. And when the weekend comes, you’re starting to wonder why you’re sleeping at home.These are the signs of camping season. And it’s happening now. Get equipped. Make plans. Reserve those sites. And read on for 15 camping hacks that will make you a campsite pro this summer:

    1. Bring Wipes

    Whether an outdoors-specific brand like Epic Wipes, classic Wet Naps, branded baby wipes or even those flushable toilet wipes that you’re really not supposed to flush, moist towelettes are musts on any camping trip. They keep you fresh, energize your spirit with a backcountry shower or sweat-wipe and maintain sanitary conditions around the camp kitchen and pit privy. Buy in bulk.

    2. Repair Kit To-Go

    What would you do if your gear failed two days’ hike from the car? When preparing for a trip, ensure you have: an extra set of laces for your footwear (imagine hiking out with no laces); a zipper repair kit (turns an emergency into an inconvenience); fabric repair tape (nylon-specific for tents and jackets, or duct tape if you’re not picky); extra batteries for any device that needs them (headlamps, flashlights, satellite communicators); at least five metres of 550 paracord (multipurpose); and at least the same of baling wire (because between that and duct tape, you can fix just about anything).

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