Best 10 Ways To Improve Your Hiking Experience

    You’d love to hike more—if it weren’t for the blistered feet, aching quads, out-of-breath-wheezing and overall complication of getting prepped and finding a worthy trail.


    We’re going to solve all of those problems and more. We’re going to get you outside and hiking regularly. We’re going improve your overall experience.

    Whether you need these tips for yourself or for your reluctant partner—read on to discover 10 ways to hike further and faster and have more fun than ever before.

    1. Socks Matter

    CEP Compression

    Everyone gabs about hiking boots—proper fit, sturdy support, waterproofing. Good boots are important, sure, but it’s all for nothing if you wear the wrong socks. Cotton? Forget about it; cotton will rip your feet to shreds. Ankle-height? Not unless you like chaffing. Look for wool and wool-blend (30 per cent wool or better) socks with anatomic shapes (heel cups and arch contours) and above-ankle to mid-calf heights. I can’t overstate this: good socks matter as much as good shoes.

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