Staying fresh during an outdoor trip can be a real problem, especially for women. You get plenty sweaty during long hikes, not to mention dirty from all the mud and dust when setting up camp and crawling into a tent. This female hygiene guide for hiking and camping will help answer any questions you have about staying clean outdoors.

    Whether it’s preventing issues before they happen or dealing with them head on, we’ll cover all the details about how to stay fresh and comfortable.


    It might seem hard to maintain your hygiene during a tough hike, but there’s plenty of ways to freshen up while you’re out in the wilderness. Whether you’re at a dusty campground or hiking all day, you can still maintain good health and hygiene by following these steps below.

    1. KEEP DRY

    One of the worst environments for your lady parts is a place that’s constantly moist. If your underwear never has a chance to dry, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. At the end of the day, change it out for a dry, clean pair.


    Before you pack for your trip, make sure you’re bringing underwear that fits you well. If it’s too small, it’ll constantly be rubbing against your skin. You don’t want to be uncomfortable for the rest of the trip. Try a hipster or brief style underwear to fully cover yourself.

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